Search First Meeting Sacraments Emotional Coherence

1. Search
Finding a right and suitable life partner has become a challenge in today's time, every girl features a very beautiful and cultural image of her future bride and groom, so most are very confused about the way to find and say Start this search from?

2. First Meeting
The moment of marriage comes in everyone's life. Marriage may be a link that's not a branch of any religion or age, but it's the welfare work that's necessary for human life. Every young man and woman wants this before marriage. There should be many apes in his life partner. And it's with this thinking that they consider the primary meeting as inevitable. And it should be until a Youngman and woman meet one another , then how will they know their thoughts?

3. Sacraments
Sanskar may be a heritage of society, which creates a replacement family. When a girl and husband become a wife, they begin contributing to a replacement society.
Sanskar along side society is extremely necessary for the family. and therefore the rites should be elevated. When families increase their branches further. So society becomes strong and when society becomes strong, the country becomes powerful


4. Emotional Coherence
When the meeting happens repeatedly , feelings begin to co-exist and she or he starts strengthening the connection and in strong emotions, the girl starts to feel the husband and wife in one another and this is often the time when the connection starts strengthening. it's the lifetime of a girl who's whole life goes on unbroken thanks to these moments, which helps in spending such an enormous life together.

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